Who is involved?

In 2017, the South Australian Government sought private and non-profit sector investment to plan and deliver the Oaklands Park Renewal Project.

Project Partners

Housing Renewal Australia

Housing Renewal Australia (HRA OP) was announced as the preferred developer and has entered into a development agreement with the South Australian Housing Authority. HRA OP will provide the required funding to deliver the project.

HRA OP will be designing and building the new Oaklands Green. HRA is a purpose-built organisation led by Project Director Geoff Smith, who brings more than 40 years’ experience in property development and social housing.

Junction Australia

Junction is a Not For Profit Community Housing Provider which assists residents to find safe and affordable homes and provide family support services.

Junction’s community housing team will ensure that every tenant is able to share their needs, interests and concerns and be provided with choices during this process.

SA Housing Authority

The SA Housing Authority (SAHA) remains the land owner of all the social houses in Oaklands Park. Representatives of SAHA will work with HRA OP and Junction through the life of the project.

Government involvement

HRA OP is working closely with the City of Marion. Planning and design of the new Oaklands Green will be overseen by the South Australian Government.

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