03 May 2021
An increasing number of Adelaide’s home buyers are choosing to swap a backyard for a balcony


Six of the best benefits of apartment living


Oaklands Green offers a broad selection of home designs and configurations, including a range of apartments. No longer seen as a stop-gap on the way to buying a ‘proper’ house, many apartment residents are finding that the benefits of this lifestyle suits them just as well, if not better, than a house ever did.

And why not? The advantages are many and varied, especially for first homeowners or young couples. Here are a few to get things off the ground.

  1. Lifestyle
    If you’re out and about most of the time, perhaps you don’t need the additional space that a house normally offers over an apartment. In addition, many apartment dwellers are increasingly using public spaces around them as extensions of their home, and even their garden – of which Oaklands Green residents will find an abundance.
  2. Maintenance
    It goes without saying that you can expect less maintenance and up-keep with an apartment over a house. At Oaklands Green, it also means you’re moving into a brand-new facility built to the very latest safety and construction requirements. However, if there are any maintenance issues with the building, they’ll be handled by the body corporate. Of course, without a garden there’ll be no weeding or lawn mowing – and you can enjoy the expansive communal green areas.
  3. The Outlook
    One of the endearing qualities that apartment living offers is the outlook. Owners often talk about how being above street level gives them an additional sense of space and natural light. And when they want to, they can step out onto their balcony to watch the world go by.
  4. Security
    The entire Oaklands Green development will have the very latest security measures installed, including throughout the public spaces. However, there is an additional sense of security that some people find with an apartment. Access is required to enter the building itself. The lift will also have occupier-only access and be monitored, along with hallways – and then there’s the security of your front door itself.
  5. Community
    Studies all over the world have found that there is a unique sense of bonding between apartment living neighbours over ground-level. Faces become more familiar, and people tend to help each other more. This recognition between residents also helps create an additional layer of security – strangers stand out.
  6. Affordability
    Obviously, a smaller residence comes with a smaller price tag, which for many, is a way onto the property ladder – without affecting your access or enjoyment of all of Oaklands Green reserves and parklands. Of course, less space requires less air conditioning and heating. There is also a communal heating and cooling affect throughout the building thanks to shared walls. On top of that, the apartments at Oaklands Green will be built sustainably from the ground up.

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