What is
Oaklands Green?

Oaklands Green is a housing renewal project that will transform the existing social housing neighbourhood into a vibrant and connected community.

Our vision for Oaklands Green is to create a place for everyone.

Offering a mix of affordable, social and market housing, Oaklands Green will help meet the needs of all South Australians through high-quality design, improved and new open spaces, better housing options and upgraded roads and new laneways.

The redevelopment will replace the existing 255 social housing dwellings, many of which were built in 1955, with 255 new dwellings, and build an additional 400 new private homes that are well planned and fit for purpose.

The project is self-funded, with no capital contribution by the South Australian Government. By redeveloping the site, the new Oaklands Green will become a lively and connected community, with better access to Oaklands Railway Station, local shops and parks. This includes improvements to Rajah Reserve and Bombay Street Reserve, also allowing better access to Oaklands Wetlands and Reserve.

Existing tenants and surrounding neighbours will play an important role in shaping the future of the new neighbourhood. There will be opportunities for you to have your say around the vision and design of the project.

A greener,

The new Oaklands Green neighbourhood will include 3.4 hectares of greener parks and reserves, streets and paths for walking and biking.

  • Rajah Reserve will almost double its current size to provide better connections to other open spaces in the area such as Bombay Street Reserve, which is managed by the City of Marion
  • An upgraded Bombay Street Reserve will provide a range of new walking paths, seating, picnic spaces and playgrounds, as well as plenty of parkland
  • A greenway made from ‘waterwise’ low maintenance plants will aim to reduce temperatures around the neighbourhood and link to the nearby Sturt River.


Oaklands Green will ensure the neighbourhood is well planned, inclusive, connected and sustainable.

  • Bringing new homes to market that offer a range of designs and sizes to better meet the needs of South Australians
  • A minimum of 15% of these new private homes will be qualified affordable housing
  • A mix of social and affordable housing
  • A greener, shadier and more walkable place to live
  • New bus service and better walking access to nearby facilities
  • New underground stormwater drainage
  • A larger Rajah Reserve
  • An upgraded Bombay Street Reserve
  • Better connections to the Oaklands Wetlands and Reserve
  • An additional 5,000 square metres of play and park grounds
  • Supports the 30-year plan for Greater Adelaide
  • Planning for the site as a whole to guide current and future development.


Location, location

At Oaklands Green, you’re always close and connected. Close to shopping, schools, and beaches – connected to green spaces, recreation and transport.

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