What is
Oaklands Green?


It’s about the regeneration of an entire neighbourhood and realising the potential in a part of Adelaide that has so much to offer.

It’s about expanding existing green reserves, creating new recreation areas and establishing people-friendly spaces where communities can thrive.

Above all, Oaklands Green is all about improving people’s lives – by providing a choice of affordable, brand new, quality homes to own.

“Our vision for Oaklands Green is to create a patchwork – with each section meticulously crafted – but interconnected and master planned as part of a whole.”

John Eckert, Project Architect

One size
doesn’t fit all

These days, everyone has different needs and uses for their home.

A young family will want space to grow, while a young couple might want to just lock up and leave.

With no less than eight different residential designs, whatever your checklist of requirements, one of the options at Oaklands Green will tick your boxes.

A blueprint
for sustainability

Oaklands Green is the state’s largest urban renewal project, and a model for master-planned, sustainable, green living.

Thanks to construction materials that have minimal environmental impact, energy-efficient architectural designs and the switch to renewable power – Oaklands Green will be one of Adelaide’s highest Green Star Rated developments.

The Masterplan

A unique mix of affordable, social and market housing.


  • Utilise the existing street network to maintain a walkable and connected neighbourhood
  • Develop pedestrian and cycle access points to the Bombay Street Reserve and Oaklands Wetlands and Reserve
  • And create a pedestrian/cycle link to Oaklands Railway Station
  • Engage with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to deliver a bus service connection
  • Maximise the delivery of rear-loaded allotments to facilitate better on-street parking
  • Engage with City of Marion to deliver streetscapes that meet its design guidelines
  • Design and construct new laneways that allow ease of access for vehicles
  • Plant new trees in existing streets and new laneways to promote tree canopies
  • Upgrade and enhance the Rajah and Bombay Street Reserves
  • Create additional pocket parks/reserves

Where trees, gardens
and kids grow

Oaklands Green really lives up to its name.

Rajah Reserve has almost doubled in size to become the development’s green centre piece. The neighbourhood has almost 3.5 hectares of natural space (the equivalent of more than one and half footy ovals), including an additional 5,000 square metres devoted to kids’ playgrounds and activity areas.

A greenway will also be created using waterwise low maintenance plants and will link to the nearby Sturt River and from. This unique feature, along with the planting of shade trees will help reduce temperatures and raise comfort levels all around the neighbourhood.


Location, location

At Oaklands Green, you’re always close and connected. Close to shopping, schools, and beaches – connected to green spaces, recreation and transport.

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