02 Mar 2022


You can’t spell community without unity

Community spirit will run throughout Oaklands Green


If the events over recent times have taught us anything it’s the power of community.  Lots of us have experienced isolation in one form or another, which has led to extensive studies into the effects of depravation from friends, family and community.


Not too surprisingly, our acquired social connections are extremely important for our mental health.  However, what was both surprising and encouraging was the extent to which social interaction benefited our physical health.


In short, being part of a community gets us out of the house more often. This, in turn, encourages exercise, which helps our cardiovascular circulation – not to mention simply getting some fresh air among friends.


Community participation has all kinds of benefits, just as there are all kinds of ways to get involved and join in. And nowhere will you find a stronger sense of community than at Oaklands Green. Here are some of the kinds of bonds that you might identify with while living in the neighbourhood.


1.  Shared identity

It’s very common for communities to form among those who share a common sense of identity. For instance, school friends – which leads to school reunions. Likewise, ethnic communities share aspects of their culture and heritage in common.


2.  Shared purpose

Those who feel passionately about social causes will often band together as a community. These objectives can be large-scale, such as working together to get a political party member elected – or be on a smaller, more local scale, such as a community that seeks to get a funding for an arts project.


3. Common goals

Most of us, individually, have common goals. One goal might be to raise a family, or try to maintain a healthy diet, or just walk a few kilometres each week. When you add other people who share goals, you start to create a community – and these goals normally get easier to reach when you have the support of others around you.


Conversely, when a person verbalises their goals to others within a community, there is a social expectation that they will achieve that goal. Thus, that person becomes more likely to succeed.


Further, when someone faces hurdles to achieving a goal, others in their community pursuing similar objectives can provide support and empathise with their situations.


4.  Shared interests or passions

Many communities form based on common interests or hobbies. Often, these have an additional connection along the lines of religion or age. Examples of interests that may lead to community formation include the arts, sports, cooking, cultures, and games.


5.  Freedom of expression

Central to developing a positive community is comfort among its members when it comes to speaking their minds and expressing what is important to them. Individuals who feel encouraged to give input about an issue and who feel heard when they speak their minds are more likely to feel connected to their community.


Welcome to the neighbourhood

Building communities is now more important than ever. And that’s why Oaklands Green is all about improving people’s lives.  It’s about providing a choice of affordable, brand new, quality homes to own with all the amenities within easy reach.  And it’s about expanding the existing green reserves creating new ones and establishing people-friendly spaces where communities can thrive. 


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