02 Sep 2022

We’re delighted to see works commence,
but it takes more than a bloke and a bulldozer




Some people find it quite surprising, the amount of care and attention required to bring a building down to ground level safely. That’s why the Oaklands Green Management Group has enlisted the most experienced and skilled demolition teams in the state – McMahon Services. 


Over the scope of the project a multitude of different materials will need to be removed, which takes meticulous planning and project management. This not only ensures the safety of the onsite staff, but all concerned, including local residents, the general public and any vehicles moving through the area.


While human safety and protecting surrounding properties are major considerations, equally important is care for the environment. Many of the current trees within the neighbourhood will be staying (those that aren’t are being replaced, and then some) and so attention needs to be paid to their wellbeing, especially regarding the movement of the heavy equipment.


Of course, during the demolition, every endeavour will be made to recycle, reuse and salvage as much of the rubble and materials that are removed as possible – minimising waste going to landfill and helping the environment.


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