Enjoy the Cultural Exchange

Published on: 02 Jun 2022


There’s always a place for you
within our patchwork of cultures

Multi-culture Means Multi-Benefits


Here in South Australia, we’re blessed with cultural diversity. We have dozens of different nationalities, religions and creeds coexisting in harmony. And nowhere is this patchwork of cultures more prevalent than in and around Oaklands Green.


But what we sometimes forget, are the benefits that come from living within the weave of this diversity. Here are just a few ways that you can enjoy the fabric of life at Oaklands Green.


Differences Abound

Just walking to the train station, or taking a stroll with the bub, chances are you’ll bump into someone with a different background to yours. First contact with a neighbour from a different background can be a wonderful experience. Perhaps you share things in common – a style of cuisine, dance or music – even though the source of your cultures might be thousands of kilometres apart. And if you have little in common, it just makes each time you catch up all the more intriguing and your day just a little more interesting.


Awareness of Cultural Identity

Ironically, when you live in a diverse society, you actually become more aware of your cultural identity. People living in multicultural communities feel the need to define their identity. They also feel the need to understand the differences and similarities between themselves and others. So, they feel proud of their heritage and feel generous about celebrating their traditions with others.


Tolerance and Appreciation

Another benefit of living in a multicultural society is that it encourages tolerance and open-mindedness. With so many immigrant and minority neighbours, and where such a large percentage of the population has mixed heritage, acceptance, tolerance, and open-mindedness are the core values that make the nation thrive. If people feel accepted and valued, they have an intrinsic motivation to contribute to the society that embraces them and affords them the quality of life they seek.


Creativity and Innovation

One of the great joys of living within a multicultural society is the sharing of different habits, ideas and lifestyles. This is the perfect breeding ground for creativity and innovation. In a multicultural society, you’re always exposed
to new ways of doing things and fresh ways of looking at things. A mix of perspectives, talents, skills and ideas fosters innovation and makes space for outside-the-box mindsets.


Living in a multicultural neighbourhood such as Oaklands Green can be a highly enriching experience. Differences in values, opinions and lifestyles can provide plenty of inspiration for self-growth. In a heterogeneous country like ours, embracing diversity is vital. 


Interest in Oaklands Green has been unprecedented, so don’t hesitate to contact Richard Joy richardj@connektup.com.au to talk about making a fresh start at Oaklands Green. To keep up to date with the Oaklands Green news, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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