02 Aug 2021
Doctors are now prescribing ‘nature’ as a way to combat various symptoms


At Oaklands Green, there are plenty
of places to enjoy your medicine


At Oaklands Green, we’ve always known that nothing beats a good walk in the park. And now, there is evidence to prove it.

Doctors around the world have been prescribing time immersed in nature as a way to help with depression and anxiety, in particular. And now our own medical professionals are on board.

Green Adelaide is partnering with the Appleton Institute to host a trial of “nature prescriptions”, through sessions encouraging people to spend more time outdoors to improve their wellbeing.

Doctors will provide referrals to the program, which includes face-to-face and Zoom sessions talking participants through their barriers to spending time outdoors. The program will link them with activities and also offer a “forest bathing” session in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Green Adelaide team leader community liaison Dr Robyn Molsher said if the trial was successful, it could lead to nature prescriptions becoming more heavily integrated in our healthcare system.

“There’s evidence of the benefits of nature contact for mental health and that became increasingly evident during the COVID lockdown,” she said.

“Ultimately it’s raising awareness of the benefits of contact with nature not just for the environment but the human health benefits as well

“People who are more connected with nature are more likely to want to conserve it, so there’s an environmental stewardship side of it too.”

Dr Katya Glogovska said she had already prescribed extra time outdoors for several of her patients who reported symptoms of depression and anxiety, especially amongst children.

“Studies that have shown a reduction the rates of obesity and improved mental health in children have inspired me to do a similar thing in my practice,” she said.

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