01 Jul 2021
At Oaklands Green, you can keep warm and be kind to the environment


There are more ways to heat up than rug up


It’s only human to want to stay cosy and comfortable during the winter months. Normally, this means pulling on the Ugg boots, making big pots of soup and turning up the heating. However, that can also turn up the bills.

But the worst part of all of that is you might be paying for heating the outside of your house as much as inside. Buildings leak heat through windows, out of cracks around doors, into the ceiling space, and even through solid walls.

This is not only bad news for you and your energy bill, but also for the environment. High electricity use associated with heating houses in winter contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

However, you’ll be pleased to hear that your Oaklands Green home will be designed to combat the majority of that heat loss. And if you follow a few of these simple tips, you might just be able to kick off those old Ugg boots.

  1. Let the sun in
    The easiest way to remove household chill is to let the sunlight come in. In the Australian winter the sun sits low in the northern sky. Opening blinds and curtains on the north side of your home will provide a natural heating mechanism – and it will brighten your day as well.
  2. Smart heating
    Of course, you can’t rely on the effects of the sun all day. But at least you’ll know that any heat you do require in your Oaklands Green home will be provided without high economic and environmental cost.
  1. Built with efficiency in mind
    Because you’re lucky enough to be moving into a brand new Oaklands Green home, energy efficiency is top of the agenda. Your home will meet and surpass the South Australian Government’s requirements for reduced greenhouse gas emissions through increased efficiency.
  1. Keep the heat in
    You’d be amazed at how much heat can escape from a home, even through the brickwork. Oaklands Green homes, on the other hand, will have quality wall and ceiling insulation installed. You might also want to affix shades or curtains to windows that aren’t capturing sunlight.

With these tips in mind, you won’t have to shiver through the cold months like our pug in a rug.

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