01 Jul 2022


Choosing the right home
for how you want to live in it.

Rightsizing is about making all the right moves


There’s a new way of living called rightsizing.  Not to be confused with downsizing, rightsizing is about choosing a home that has all the right spaces and all the areas you know you’ll use and none of those areas that you only spend time in when you’re cleaning.  It often happens after you have lived in a home that has a lot of unwanted spaces.  But it also is fast becoming the right way to buy a home. Because rightsizing means you’re buying a home that has all the spaces you need, and none of those unwanted spaces that just add to your maintenance schedule! 


And one way to rightsize is to move into a townhouse or apartment because these days apartments are much more about clever use of space and providing everything you would need for a life of perfect comfort.


Newly developed neighbourhoods such as Oaklands Green are in the right place at the right time for those seeking to rightsize. 


Not only do you get the opportunity to buy a brand-new home off the plan and have some control over the interior styling, you’re also buying into an established neighbourhood with all the facilities you need. 


What’s great about new developments such as Oaklands Green is their commitment to incorporating more green spaces and planting more trees than what was there previously. And the new homes that are now available come with options such as balconies, study areas, European style laundries and outdoor entertaining spaces.


Rightsizing is about choosing to live in a property that suits your needs and often comes with the added bonus of a decluttered life and reduced stress.  Now who wouldn’t agree that this is definitely the right way to go? That’s why, at Oaklands Green, we call it a fresh start!


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