31 Jan 2022


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Great architecture is not only about designing individual homes, but entire streets




A lesson from the former Mayor of Paris


In the late 1880s, the design of the Eiffel Tower was not to everyone’s taste. In fact, many Parisians at the time, the Mayor included, would eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, because it was the only restaurant in Paris that you were assured not to get an eye-full of the awful Eiffel.


Which is all very interesting and intriguing, but where’s the lesson in this? Well, we feel, as you look out from your beautifully designed Oaklands Green home, you should be able to see other ‘beautifully designed Oaklands Green homes’. When you walk up to your front door, perhaps after work, you should be as pleased with your neighbours’ home fronts as you are your own.


Putting all Parisian comparisons and quips aside, this is a serious subject. It’s called Streetscape Design, and this aspect of the architecture of Oaklands Green encompasses a number of important factors. These include:


1. Home Frontage Harmony


A critical aspect of the architectural design of Oaklands Green is each entire streetscape. This is how the design of an individual home complements the design of its neighbours. This includes the careful consideration of shapes, form and materials. It’s about creating harmony, with aspects of individuality.


2. Ease of Accessibility


The Oaklands Green masterplan has been designed to allow the ease of navigation and movement for both pedestrians and vehicles. This is encompassing the rear lane vehicles access to majority of the homes – keeping cars out of sight and the reserves in view. 


3. Green Boundaries


Unlike many other developments around, which use high steel fencing to define home boundaries, we have allowed beautiful landscaping to define the front yards of the homes. This creates a sense of connection without losing independence. The rear of each home is still utilitarian – it’s where you park the car and hide the bins. In short, your Oaklands Green home offers privacy at the back, community at the front.


4. The Big Picture


It’s worth remembering the larger role that the streetscapes play at Oaklands Green. They are literally, everywhere. In fact, our streetscape designs affect not only the appearance – but more importantly, the functionality of the Oaklands Green environment.


Ironically, in many ways, if you don’t notice the streetscaping, we’ve done our job correctly. Getting from your front door to the train station shouldn’t be something you think about.


For all these reasons and more, Oaklands Green’s streetscapes have been designed with meticulous planning and the expertise of professionals, with only one person in mind. You.


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