28 Oct 2020
There’s no better indication of mother nature at work than the frog and toad melodies around the Oaklands Wetlands.
Mum and son at Oaklands Wetlands

The Oaklands

Spring is the perfect time to take a walk, jog, or a ride around the wetlands. The weather (ought to be) about perfect, and you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of our amphibian friends ribbiting on and on to each other.

These sounds are one of the sure signs that the wetlands are alive and well. And that’s a good way to think of them – as a living entity. During the cold winter months, the wetlands are more dormant. In summer, you might worry when they dry out. But our wetlands are ‘ephemeral’, which means they can dry out, but come back to life when there’s rainwater. The frogs are perfectly adapted to that way of living, laying deep in the cool moist mud until the wetlands fill up again.

Our wetlands, like many around the world, are likened to nature’s ‘kidneys’, as they remove a lot of unwanted waste. Because the wetlands contain still water, sediment can settle to the bottom to feed the roots of plants – along with microbes, which are eaten by insects, which are eaten by frogs, which are eaten by birds…

Just something to think about, next time you peer over the edge of the boardwalk.

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