11 Apr 2022


Bargain buys aren’t limited to the mall – check out Oaklands Green!

Studies prove that people want to live among the trees – and designer labels


Who would deny that our world is changing far quicker than most people would ever have predicted? And one of the biggest changes is a swing to our maintaining and improving our quality-of-life.


But how do we define ‘quality-of-life’. For today’s urban and residential developments to get off the ground successfully, quality-of-life means green space. Today, recreation areas and shade trees are a must. Can you believe the term ‘pocket park’ is now part of normal everyday language? It is what it suggests – a small park within a residential community.


However, there is also a new trend hitting our streets. The proximity of designer clothing and retail stores in relation to where we live. Dubbed, the ‘Posh Shop Effect’, the more up-market the label, the more it can push up the value of a residence. The same can also be said of specialist, premium and artisan food stores.


At Oaklands Green, we have both quality-of-life boxes well and truly ticked. For all the acres of green space we offer – we have a wealth of fashion outlets not far from our front door.


Westfield Marion is the obvious neighbouring label haven. But there are more and more boutique designer outlets opening all the time – and searching them out is half the fun of the retail game.


Just as fashion houses let you know about sales and the best time to buy – we can tell you, now is the time to purchase at Oaklands Green! We have almost sold out the Stage 1 Beersheba Release, and we’re taking lots of enquiries on the next release.


So, get in touch with Richard Joy – our new Project Team Leader – to get in early and buy off-the-plan at Oaklands Green. For all sales enquiries regarding Oaklands Green, contact Richard via To keep up to date with the Oaklands Green news, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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