26 Jun 2023



If ever there was a resource that provided all you need to know about buying a home, this is it.


Navigating the whole homebuying process can be pretty daunting for some people. However, the State Government has established HomeSeeker SA to help you get into your own home sooner.


Along with all the advice you could need, the HomeSeeker website also connects eligible buyers with affordable homes that are available below a set price threshold. These homes will be shown on the HomeSeeker SA website before they go onto the open market, so you will have a chance to buy before interest from the public pushes up the price.


Visits to the HomeSeeker SA website (please see the link at the end of this blog) is a very good way to get advance notice of new Oaklands Green homes that are being released onto the market.


Some of our homes will sit under the HomeSeeker SA set price threshold. However, if the cost of the home you want is above, there are still solutions to help you buy it. For example, another State Government initiative, HomeStart, offers Shared Equity loans that can reduce the cost of the home and your repayments. For more details, please see the link at the end of this blog.


At Oaklands Green, we are all about getting you into a home that you own. And thanks to our Sales Agents at Connekt Urban Projects, our knowledge of the Government’s various home loan assistance schemes is second-to-none.


So, if you have any questions at all about buying at Oaklands Green, our Project Team Leader, Richard Joy, is always on hand to help.


If you’d like to organise a catch-up with Richard at the new Oaklands Green Sales and Information Centre, just give him a call on 0439 504 440, or email





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