21 Apr 2023

Off Plan, On Budget


There are many good reasons to buying a home off the plan.  But if the process intimidates you a little, rest assured – it may just be one of the best decisions you make this year!


Why do we say that?  Because buying off-the-plan comes with some certainty, and in the current climate a little bit of certainty goes a long way. 


Let’s look at what’s good about buying off-the-plan…


Stamp duty savings

When you buy off-the-plan you pay stamp duty on land value only. This is likely to save you thousands of dollars.  Giving you more to put into your home furnishings!

Costs less than building

With a development like Oaklands Green, more than one home is being built which means there are economies of scale.  And that means, the cost savings are reflected in the purchase price.


A house and land package means the build process is streamlined – and very little is required of you.  While you are welcome to watch the build in progress, you don’t have to manage the building process!  Giving you more time to enjoy your life while your new home is being built.

Fixed price

With a house and land package, you’ll know what your financial commitment will be.  And that makes budgeting a whole lot easier.

Extra time to save

At Oaklands Green we will be regularly releasing more house and land packages over time.  And this means you have a bit of time up your sleeve to help you save for the new home. 


If you’d like to know more about buying off the plan at Oaklands Green, please speak with our Project Team Leader Richard Joy on 0439 504 440.


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