15 Aug 2022

Small on size – big on charm



Create a welcoming green space no matter the size

A courtyard or balcony should not be overlooked when it comes to making a welcoming and inspiring area with some greenery. In fact, the trend for a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on comfort is exactly what you could achieve with your new Oaklands Green garden. We’re sharing a few of our favourite ideas for turning your balcony or courtyard into your outdoor haven.




Go vertical


If you have a balcony, consider going vertical with your plants. It’s the best way to garden when you are limited for space.

Play with heights and experiment with all the ways you can – perhaps use old pallets to create different levels of plant sections. Or try your local op-shop (or even your nan!) for a variety of vintage garden display shelves – the old style is making a comeback. With a lick of paint, they will look fabulous! Think of your balcony as an extension of your indoor space and choose a colour that matches the interior. And if your balcony has a ceiling you could add a few hooks for hanging plants too.


Use you gardening equipment as part of the decor


For balconies and courtyards, why not use your gardening equipment as part of the decor? Buy nice-looking, colourful watering cans, small hand shovels and water spray bottles and make them part of the display. And if you want that vintage vibe, seek out old metal tubs that can house your herb garden. It will look just perfect with the matching vintage metal watering can! Plus, when you need to do the gardening, your tools are on hand!


Keep it contained


If growing plants in the ground is not an option, you don’t need to blow the budget when it comes to containing your plants. All sorts of items can make great pots for plants and if you stick to a theme or matching style and colour, it’s sure to be a source of great joy every time you step outside! You can use almost anything that holds soil – from fabric grow bags to metal wash buckets – so long as there is good drainage. Just remember that contained plants dry out quicker than those planted in the ground so water them regularly.


Create an edible garden


If you want to create a small garden outside why not plant one that feeds you as well? There are now so many fruits and vegetables that suit compact spaces – and some that are made especially for them – such as the variety of dwarf fruit trees. A lot of vegetables are also very attractive plants so be clever about what you choose and create a unique edible garden that also looks good. There are no rules but we suggest you choose plants that you are actually going to eat, that give you a high yield in a small space and that are easy to cultivate. We are big fans of lettuce – it’s the plant that keeps giving – just cut and eat while it keeps growing!


The key to the success of your compact garden is a little planning and making the right plant choices for your lifestyle and your style. Small gardens have no limitations so let your imagination run wild and not your garden!


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