12 Jul 2023

How COVID has changed our perspective on what our home means to us


Reports suggest, that because of the pandemic, we’ve seen 10 years change in just two years.  Digital technologies have fast-tracked conversations around remote living and working, flexible lifestyles, mental health and our overall wellbeing.


In fact, everything is changing, from the way we shop to the way we communicate. And because of this, there are new priorities when it comes to our home – Australians now prioritise wellbeing as one of their top priorities.  


So, here’s our top six ways of making your home a wellbeing haven:


1.Balance work and relaxing space

If you work from home, try to set aside a designated space for work.  You could even use plants or lamps to zone off an area for working.  And if you can’t do that, ensure you switch off at the end of the workday to encourage rest and reduce stress.


2. Make the most of natural light

Encourage natural light into the home as much as possible – it helps the body produce Vitamin D.  So, leave the curtains open when you can to get that healthy boost!


3. Cut down on chemicals

Try to reduce the use of chemical-heavy detergent and cleaning materials and choose natural alternatives that are kinder to your skin and general health.


4. Keep it neat

A neat home works wonders for our mental clarity and overall health.  We know it’s easier said than done sometimes, but investing in some low-cost storage items helps enormously when it comes to hiding things away neatly.


5. Buy some indoor plants

It’s scientifically proven apparently – houseplants not only look beautiful, but they can also improve your health and wellbeing too.  And don’t forget a couple of pots outside too – they also are mini stress busters.


6. Soak away your worries

Create a mini haven in your bathroom.  Invest in fluffy towels, an extra soft shower mat and some essential oils – maybe even add some relaxing music.  There’s nothing like a warm shower to wash away your worries!


So, while our home was always where our heart was, the idea of our home being our sanctuary has only intensified since COVID.  Which means it’s more important than ever before that our home prompts positive emotional benefits.


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